Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Raising Dogs

A dog is a wonderful pet to keep. However, it is important to raise your dog well.
Raising your dog as pet is not difficult but it would require proper care and attention. You would first obviously need to make sure that your dog daily gets his basic requirements of food and fresh drinking water. Food must be a proper balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Along with that you need to take care of all his vaccinations.

Bathing your dog is not required frequently. Once or twice a month is sufficient with a mild soap or when he gets dirty. However, it’s important to groom your dog regularly to keep him clean and raise him well. Grooming includes brushing or combing his hair, checking his mouth and teeth and trimming his nails.

Training is another important part in raising your dog. They will listen to you and try to understand every word you say. They are intelligent and can be trained easily. Training should always be positive. Exercising your dog by making him walk, run or simply play games helps him to stay fit and healthy.

Also another very important factor in raising your dog is to make sure he is exposed to other dogs as well. That will improve his social skills.

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